• Women Bob Haircut

    Women Bob Haircut: the bob hairstyle has been around as far back as the 1800s and has been adopted by countless number of celebrities. Bob hair can come in many different style: short bob, medium bob, long bob, bob cut with bang, and many more but the most popular is the straight cut around the head with the length just above the neck and longer length in the front. View the infamous bob haircut.

  • Ombre Hair Trend

    Ombre Hair Trend: Some people think the ombre hair trend is over but we think it is far from over because ombre can be transformed into many different styles and colors. It doesn't have to be the traditional brown and blonde ombre that you often associate with but the colors can be alternated base on seasons or trends and you can implement ombre on many different haircuts.

  • Short Pixie Hairstyle

    Short Pixie Hairstyle: Halle Berry, Michelle Williams or more recently, Rihanna & Emma Watson all have rocked the really cute and short pixie cut. It is definitely not a haircut that will work for every woman but it is a stunning style that require very little maintenance. Be sure to find a hair stylist that has done it before because it is such a short haircut that it has little room for mistake.

  • New 2017 Men Haircut

    New 2017 Men Haircut: view all the latest haircut for men this year including crew cut, buzzed cut, mohawk and more and view men hairstyles from sport stars such as David Beckham and Ronaldo, famous actors, and many more. Simply search for the celebs names or hairstyle name.

  • Celebrity Hairstyles

    Celebrity Hairstyles: need some inspiration for your next hairstyle? Take a look at what these celebrity Hollywood beauties are doing with their hair. Search by any actor or actress name, browse the photos and take the style you like to your hairstylist for a consultation. You can also use our iPhone app, HairBetty, from the iTune store to search and bookmark the photos to bring it to the salon.

  • Hairstyles with Bangs

    Hairstyles with Bangs: hair bangs or fringes can give you a dramatic update without a lot of risk. Bangs hairstyle could work for just for about any facial frame and it doesn't require too much skills to style, all you have to do is a bit of flat ironing and let them naturally fall down. View the best hairstyles with bangs here on hairbetty.com.

  • Updos Prom Gala Parties Hairstyling

    Updos Prom Gala Parties Hairstyling: take a look at these updos for long hair and updos short hair before you head out to a salon and expect the hairstylist to know what you like or what you should get for the party, prom, or gala you're about to attend.

  • Layered Haircut

    Layered Haircut: layer hairstyle has been a while for a long time and the style changes every decade. There's long layered hair, short layered hair, shaggy layered hair, and more. The popular shoulder length layered cut will look good no matter what shape is your face. It seems like a simple haircut but it allows you to style it in many different ways for different looks and ocassion.

  • Men Long Hairstyles

    Men Long Hairstyles: there are many different ways to cut and style your hair if you're a man with long hair. Check out these latest trends and also get ideas from these A-List celebrity with long hairs such as Keith Urban, Gabriel Aubry and more...

  • Women Curly Hairstyles

    Women Curly Hairstyles: curly bob cut, bangs, pin-up updos, braids, french twist are just a few hairstyles that you can have with curly hair. Check out these curly hairstyles and get an idea of which style and color and length will work best for you.

  • Hairstyles For Asian Girls

    Hairstyles For Asian Girls

  • African American Hairstyles

    African American Hairstyles

  • Blonde Hair Hilights

    Blonde Hair Hilights

  • Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

    Haircut For Men W/ Curly Hair

  • Long Straight Hair With Bangs

    Long Straight Hair With Bangs

  • Red Hair Color

    Red Hair Color

  • Vintage 50s and 60s Hairstyles

    Vintage 50s & 60s Hairstyles

  • Medium Length Hairstyle

    Medium Length Hairstyle