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At the heart of our groundbreaking site is the biggest and best database of hairstyles you'll find anywhere online or off. The world is full of an incredible variety of cuts and hair styles, and we've brought them all to one place so that you can easily look through them and find the perfect one. Our archives can be searched just like you would with any other search engine, meaning you can narrow down your results to exactly what you're looking for. Any color, length, style or other need can be searched for, and we'll show you just the kind of styles you're looking for.

Get Expert Hairstylist Advice

When you want that personal touch, or in the rare chance that you can't find anything ideal in our databases, you've got another option that you won't find elsewhere. Upload your recent photos to our site, and we'll put our exemplary staff of hairstylists and experts to work analyzing your hair. In almost no time at all, they'll send you back advice, photos of possible cuts and a whole lot of good ideas for what to do for your next style.

See What Others Are Looking For

One of our favorite features on the site is the ability for our users to keep a tab on trends all over the world. We do this by keeping records of the most searched for styles and terms and showing them to you in an easy to understand format. You'll be able to see in seconds what people are into this year, whether in your area or all over the world. We'll even keep you up to date on new products, making you an all-around hair expert.

Save Your Favorite Styles, or Share Them With Friends

Once you've found something you're interested in, the fun doesn't stop there! Make certain of your decision or show off the look you're about to get by sending it out in an e-mail or on Facebook. This feature allows you to get a second opinion, save your look for your own reference or just have a fun way to interact with the people close to you.

Find Hairstyles Even From Mobile Devices

Even beyond the computer, HairBetty is accessible anywhere you go with your mobile device! Not only do we have a lightweight, handy app for your iPhone, we've made sure that our page is optimized for every major mobile device, from the iPad to the Kindle Fire. That means sharing your favorite looks with everyone from friends to your stylist the day of your cut is as easy as carrying your device with you.

We're thrilled to bring you this new technology, and we can't wait to find you your next amazing hairstyle. Make your homepage for everything hair, and join us in our quest to find the best hairstyles anywhere. Between our resources and your imagination, we'll change the world of hair one style at a time.

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