The Best Over 40 Hairstyles for Men

John Slattery is one of our favorite men over 40, and his hair is a big part of that charm!

Okay, we admit it, men often get the short end of the stick when it comes to the world of hairstyle tips. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of guys out there looking for great hairstyles! Today, we’re focusing exclusively on looks for men, specifically those men over 40. Over 40 hairstyles for men are some of the most handsome and sexy out there, and finding just the right one for you is as simple as following an easy four step process.

1- Keeping That Hair Healthy

It’s a not-so-secret truth: healthy hair looks best. While 40 is still young and sexy, keeping your hair healthy does become more important as one grows older, and since healthy hair can often be the difference between a decent look and an incredible one, it’s something guys of all ages should be thinking about. The best thing to do to keep hair healthy is to use the right products, which is as simple as finding out what your hair needs and buying the appropriate items. Use HairBetty’s extensive guide to picking hair products here, or if you want, you can always check with the HairBetty experts using our question form on the main site.

2- Color Is Key

Before choosing a cut, thinking about hair color a bit can make a big difference in the way

Jon Hamm is one of the sexiest men on the planet, and his over 40 hairstyle is a true trendsetter.

that your overall look turns out. On this subject, you have two options: go with your natural color, or use hair coloring processes to achieve another. In this day and age, the stigma of greying or whitening hair is no longer what it once was, and we at HairBetty think that whether your hair is staying the same color of your youth or is changing, it’s probably gorgeous! There are few people in the world whose natural hair color is unattractive, and in fact, some of the sexiest men on earth are dudes aged over 40 who have let their hair color change naturally. We’re talking about guys like George Clooney, Anderson Cooper and John Slattery, all of whom have grey hair and all of whom have been considered among the most handsome men on the planet.

Of course, dying hair is also not a problem! When choosing to dye hair as a man of 40 or older, we have this advice: stick to natural hair colors. We don’t mean your own natural hair color specifically, but instead just hair colors that occur naturally. As one matures, wild colors like blues or greens tend to look strange and out of place on men, while brunettes, blacks and even blondes can look absolutely stunning. If you do decide to color your hair, frequent visits to the salon for touch ups are key to keeping your look in perfect condition.

You can’t go wrong with Anderson Cooper’s silver fox look.

3- Sifting Through the Cuts

With a head of healthy hair and your color situation sorted out to perfection, all you have left to choose is the right cut! In this quest, HairBetty’s hairstyles catalog is your very best friend. Do a search for men’s haircuts on our engine, and you’ll see a huge number of possible looks for you, including dozens for men over 40. This is all up to your personal tastes, though we do have a few tips in choosing. First of all, go with what your hair is doing naturally. Forcing odd lengths, strange parts or unnatural texture to hair will more often than not result in a look that just doesn’t quite work. And second, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There’s a certain awkwardness with many men when it comes to hair salons, and this is unfortunate. Finding a salon and a stylist your comfortable with and can ask advice of is your best bet for a long history of excellent hairstyles. You can also use our unique and experienced set of stylists at HairBetty as your personal hair experts by sending in your photo using our specialized forms on our website. It’s easy, fun and guaranteed to get you a great look!

Whether you’re a hairstyle maven or someone who has never given the issue much thought, this short and simple guide to finding a great hairstyle as a guy aged 40 or over will help you make the process easy, fun and stress-free. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few new looks, and see what kind of magic you can make happen with your hair! You’d be surprised at what a great new look can do for you, and we think that’s just about the best thing there is.

Tips for Finding the Best Hair Products (Part 2)

After looking at the different categories of hair products out there, you might be a little

Working the right product into your hair before styling can be the difference between a bad day and your best day.

overwhelmed when it comes to picking one for your hair, but HairBetty is here to help! In this, the second part of our focus on haircare product, we’ll give you some expert tips from our staff on choosing the right products for your hair. It’s a much simpler process than you might think, and it’s one that your hair will thank you for by looking great every day.

Taking Stock of Your Hair’s Situation

Before digging through any products, the best thing to do is to take a look at your hair and figure out exactly what (if any) issues are there to be addressed. This is where you get to bet the expert on your own hair by thinking about what you’d like to do differently or better with your own locks. Do you feel that your hair is too oily? Too dry? Is there frizz? Less volume than you’d like? More than likely, you’ve already got a few ideas on what you’d like done with your hair without having to look, but if not, spend a few minutes in the mirror running your hands through your hair, and see if you can pinpoint anything that you would like changed. If you still aren’t sure, next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist if there’s anything they think your hair could use.

Of course, you might just be interested in finding better products, as opposed to fixing any particular issue. If that’s the case, just pinpoint which product you’d like to look into. Think about the products you use now, and think about whether they’re doing the job the way you want them to. Or conversely, if you’ve always wanted to do a certain thing with your hair, say give it a different style, a new product might be just the ticket. One issue many people don’t realize may be occurring is that the products they’re using are actually damaging their hair! If you feel like this might be the case, try laying off a product for a while and picking one that is more gentle or naturally-based to see if there’s any difference.

Conditioners that use organic ingredients, like this one, are usually best for hair.

So Which Do I Choose?

Finally, we can get to actually picking out a few products and trying them out! However, don’t just rush out to the store and start trusting the marketing information on the bottles. Keeping in mind the issue you want changed or the product you’d like to look into, the best thing to do is head to the web and do a little research. In these very modern times, it has become incredibly easy to find reviews and opinions on nearly every hair product by using websites that sell multiple brands of products, such as There are also hundreds of blogs out there that focus specifically on testing out hair products personally and giving detailed reviews, which is an excellent way to find the products you’ll love. Browse a few of these and find a few people that have similar hair situations to you, and pick out a product or two to try.

When you try these new products, it’s most efficient and good for your hair and scalp to try just one new product at a time. Use a product for about a week, preferably without too many others, and you’ll be able to tell the difference that one product makes. If you like what a product is doing for your hair, and it doesn’t have any adverse side-effects such as making your scalp dry or hair too oily, consider making it part of your permanent process. If, on the other hand, you notice anything you don’t like, just try another!

Some products are made specifically for men or women, and the best ones approach your body’s chemistry with care and precision.

A Few More Tips

Before you purchase, here are a few more tips to help you make the process go as well as possible: Instead of ordering from the site right away when you do find a product, see if you can get a few samples to try. These can often be found on the manufacturer’s site as well as at salon’s, so before you spend large amounts of money, see if you can find these free samples.

While this isn’t always the case, another great tip that is correct more often than not is to

Loreal is one of the most popular and excellent brands of hair products out there.

stick to naturally-based products as much as possible. Even just a few years ago, many haircare companies used a huge number of damaging and harsh chemicals in their products, and there are still quite a few that do. Luckily, many companies have now moved to products that use natural, plant-based ingredients to keep hair in pristine condition, and these tend to be the best out there.

On a related note, if it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is. It might be tempting to grab the discount conditioner and try and make up for it with nicer products otherwise, but this is a bad idea. Hair condition is a delicate thing, especially chemically, and just one harsh product can throw off the balance and ruin the good work your other products are doing.

Trying out a few products slowly using these tips, you should be guaranteed to find a better set of haircare products to keep your hairstyle looking great. If we even help you get rid of one bad hair day or keep one scalp from being itchy and dry, we here at HairBetty feel like we’ve done our job. We hope we’ve helped you out, and if we have, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Hair Products- Finding the Best Products for Your Hair (Part 1)

It’s a fact: good hair starts with good hair products. Unless you’re one of those rare few people blessed with naturally perfect locks, chances are that there are areas in which your hair could use a little extra help. Lucky for us less-than-perfect folk, clever humans have been coming up with a huge range of hair products designed specifically to assist your hairstyles in looking great, feeling incredible and maintaining the ideal balance between appearance and health. The issue, of course, is which hair products to use?

With so very many hair products on the market, finding the right one can seem like a huge task!

And a big issue it is! There are as many opinions on this question as there are people who own a head of hair, and nearly everyone seems to disagree on exact brands, products and even scents. With so many different opinions, it can seem almost impossible to find just the right stuff for your own head, but fear not! HairBetty has a few tips for you on hair products and how to go about finding just the ones for yourself. In the first part of our article, we’re going to break down the various products out there into three easy categories.

Clean Hair is Key

Hair products that clean are better known as, you guessed it, shampoo! This term covers just about every cleansing product for hair, most of which also work in about the same way. Without getting too technical, shampoos are specially made to combine with water to allow the hair to become soaked. At the same time, shampoo molecules attract dirt and oils, which are then washed off with the shampoo.

Shampoos come in a huge variety of formulas, scents and prices, each of which is very different from the last, and not all of which are appropriate for each type of hair. Some people can get away with using just about any shampoo, while others need a very specific type of shampoo in order to keep hair and scalp healthy. We’ll get more to figuring out whether you need to change your shampoo or not in the second part of the article, but there are a couple easy rules of thumb that we at HairBetty have come to trust. First, if it’s super-cheap, it’s probably not good for your hair, and second, the more natural ingredients the better and the more chemicals the worse.

In a nutshell, when it comes to shampoo, you want something that will simply clean your hair at worst and will boost its health and appearance while cleaning at best. Any shampoo that even somewhat irritates your scalp or does anything else negative needs to be ditched immediately.

Keeping Your Hair in Great Health

Now that your hair is clean, you can think a bit about the overall health of your lovely locks. Hair is just like any other part of your body and needs careful attention and maintenance to make sure it’s at its best. While you can always ignore this issue, and many people do, it can make a startling difference in your quality of life to even use one good health product for your hair.


Conditioners are some of the most common and important hair products out there.

But what are these products we’re talking about? Health products for hair are those that enhance, repair or protect the different parts of the hair and scalp so that they are as healthy as possible. As opposed to shampoo, there are hundreds of different kinds of hair healthcare products that each have a different name. This includes conditioners, revitalizers, moisturizers, scalp-treatment products, exfoliators, pH balancers and literally hundreds of other products. Each one is meant to do a specific job and is applied in a specific way, and though most everyone could use one or another, not everyone needs all healthcare hair products.

As with shampoo, we’ll help you determine which healthcare product you need in the second part of our article, but again, it’s a good idea to stick with more natural products and discontinue using anything that changes the health of your hair in a negative way.

Aveda products are some of the top in the world.

Looks Are Everything

Before we start picking and choosing, we have one more category of hair products, and it’s by far the largest: styling and looks products. This category is so big, in fact, that it can be further broken down into products that you use in the shower, products for use after the shower when the hair is still wet and products for use on dry hair. Each product in the looks and style category is made to change the way hair appears, from boosting the volume to shaping the structure of hair to giving it more of a sheen. As opposed to the other two categories, which are about what’s best for your hair, choosing which of these styling and looks products you need will be entirely up to your own aesthetic tastes and preferences for what you’d like your hair to look like.

Products for the shower are used as part of your cleaning process and are meant to be

Sometimes it’s better to spend the extra money on a great product than to use an inferior one on your hair.

washed out of the hair. Almost all of these are actually sold in a bottle that combines both shampoo/conditioner and a substance meant to boost some aspect of your hair’s looks. We’re talking about products such as volumizing shampoos, shine-giving conditioners, frizz-reducing cleansers, color enhancers and the like. Usually when you’ve found a good brand of shampoo you like, you can find a few combo formulas that can not only clean, but also help boost whatever part of the appearance you want changed.

Those haircare products made for wet hair are typically those that help with other processes. For instance, there are products for conserving hair color, volumizing, reducing frizz and making styling easier (among many others), and applying them to wet or damp hair without rinsing can assist you in getting the look you want in huge ways. Additionally, many holding agents, such as gels, work best when applied to damp hair, though these should always be used last. That means that if you have a product you’d like to use that requires dry hair, you’ll want to find a holding agent (if necessary) that is also to be used on dry hair.


Gels and other holding agents are a major part of a great looking hairstyle.

Which brings us to the dry hair products, also known as finishing products. These are meant to be used at the very end of your preparation process, and they either give your hair a last boost in categories like volume, texture and frizz reduction or they are holding agents, such as whips, cremes, pastes and hairsprays.

Whew! That’s a lot of products, right? We hope that this breakdown of the various types of products that are out there helps you organize them better in your mind, which in turn will help you choose which ones you want to use on your own hair. We’ll be following up this post with a few tips on how to sort through these products to find the right combination for yourself, so head back tomorrow for some more important hair info! In the meantime, you can always ask the experts at HairBetty what they think about your hair situation with our convenient form located here at our homepage. Until next time, hair lovers!

The Shag Hairstyle Is Messy Perfection

Let’s go shaggy! No, we’re not quoting Scooby Doo, we’re talking about the shag hairstyle! Like a layered, longer pixie or a choppy, less structured bob, the shag is one of the most classic looks out there, and it’s a spectacular way for every woman to toss a little more fun

Shaggy is chic!

into their hairstyle. A look for all ages, this is a great option for everyone, being a great hairstyle for women over 40 and for the very young.

The shag is, at its core, just a look that incorporates layers of hair at different lengths. The shag is usually short to medium and almost always features bangs, though these can be anything from blunt to sideswept to wispy. There is such a thing as a long shag, though this is often mistaken for other layered hairstyles and is less distinctive than the short or medium shag. Shags can also be done completely straight, very wavy, turned up, messy or completely structured. It’s a highly versatile look that can be adapted to just about any personality or occasion.

One thing that’s highly unique about the shag is that it can be easily and exactly traced to exactly one person, one haircut and one stylist. Unlike most hairstyles, which developed over time and through thousands and thousands of people, the shag was developed particularly for one movie and grew from there. Can you guess the original shag? if you’re a movie buff, you’ll remember that Jane Fonda was the very first shag wearer, a style she showcased in the famous detective story Klute. Starring opposite Donald Sutherland, Fonda had her hair done by stylist Paul McGregor, who gave her a fun, modern celebrity hairstyle that became known as the shag. Since this film came out in 1971, people have been adopting the shag for themselves in various ways, making it a modern staple of fashion.

The original shag hairstyle from the film still looks incredible.

In fact, Fonda has been so attached to the shag that she’s kept it for years, trying out various looks as the years have gone by. Her shag has become one of the iconic shags in the world, alongside such famous men and women as Sharon Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart. When done right, the celebrity shag has helped boost the image of popular stars in a big way, creating some of the most recognizable images in history.

Shag’s not just for women! This celebrity men’s shag is masculine perfection.

HairBetty has dozens of shag styles on file, from the long and messy to the short and sleek. It’s a great, fun look that provides a lot of fun and energy to your style, and it’s one that any good hairstylist will be able to provide you with. All you need is an idea of how long you want your shag, what texture you want it in and how extreme you want to take it. Using HairBetty’s search engine, you’ll be able to see exactly what kinds of shag hairstyles are out there, and all you have to do after that is bring your desired look into your favorite salon. So get funky, be daring and have some fun, which is just what the shag is meant for!

Hair Color Ideas- Going Red Is Perfect for Autumn

Perhaps it’s because it looks sort-of like fallen leaves, or perhaps it’s because it’s similar to a setting sun; whatever the reason, red is perfect for fall. Since we’re right on autumn’s doorstep, the HairBetty blog knew that this is the absolutely perfect time to talk about red hair color ideas, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

This brunette/red combo hair color is killer in this perfect updo.

Though frequently associated with people of Irish descent, the truth is, red hair occurs all over the world in about 1-2% of earth’s population! In fact, it’s estimated that 2-6% of the United States population has red hair, making it the most common place to find the gorgeous trait in the whole world. Red hair is one of the most rare and beautiful human traits to have naturally, as anyone who has taken even a quick look at celebrities with great hair like Laura Prepon, Julianne Moore and Rupert Grint can say for a certainty.

Lucky for the rest of us, modern hair coloring technology has reached the point where being a redhead is within the reach of just about anyone! Whether you choose to dye at home or go to a salon for expert care, you can have red hair regardless of who you are and what your natural color is. All it takes is a few decisions, a little skill and a good dye.

When deciding to go red, you have a whole lot of shades to choose from! People tend to

This red isn’t natural, but it looks absolutely amazing against this girl’s pale skin tone.

think of red hair as just one color, but the truth is that there are absolutely dozens of shades out there to pick from. The red hair spectrum is rather large, going from pale and nearly blonde on one end to bright red on the other, and going from natural to true red on a different scale.

When choosing what shade of red you want to go with, you should pick a color that goes well with your skin tone. This is usually determined by figuring out whether your skin tone is cool or warm. To do so, put a piece of white paper up to your face. If your skin seems pink compared to the paper, you’re probably a cool tone. If it seems yellow, olive or brown, you’re probably warm.

Cool tones go great with just about any shade of red, as the red will bring out the pink in your skin and will contrast gorgeously with everything from ultra-pale natural reds to bright, deep tones that don’t occur in nature.

Those with warm skin tones, on the other hand, need to choose more carefully with red hair. If you choose too light or a color that clashes with your skin color, it can make for a strange contrast. Bright unnatural reds or fiery reds can look great, as can auburns.

When it comes time to actually dye your hair, you have a few choices. You can either go

This light, almost strawberry blonde is one of our very favorite shades.

temporary or permanent, and you can either do it at home or in a salon. We would suggest going with temporary dye for your first attempt at a new shade, which gives you a chance to try it out before you commit. We’d also suggest using a salon, as the quality of their products and experience will almost always be worth the added cost, as you can easily spend just as much fixing mistakes at home. Of course, if you have dark hair already, you may have to bleach your hair to even be able to try red, so once again, it’s a good idea to consult a salon for this process.

As always, if you have any questions about going red, hit our expert staff up with the HairBetty form! You can also use “red hair” or variations on that term (such as “red hair celebrities”) to browse through all the best and most successful shades of red for various skin tones. With these tools at your disposal, and a little bit of knowledge, you can get that fiery look you’ve always wanted in no time flat.

Virtual Hairstyles- The Future Is Here!

Looking around, it’s a pretty clear thing that the future is here. Social interactions happen

Finding great looks like the pixie is easier than ever with virtual hairstyles.

online more often than not, most people carry around a computer in their hand more powerful than PCs 10 years ago and there are even cars that park themselves! And best of all, in HairBetty’s opinion, this futuristic world also includes the greatness that are virtual hairstyles, the latest and most useful innovation in the long history of hairstyle ideas. What do we mean exactly by virtual hairstyles? Well, we’ll tell you!

Virtual hairstyles are any hairstyles you find online, as opposed to on paper or people in person. But more than that, the point of virtual hairstyles is to use the power and scope of computers and the Internet to discover new and exciting hairstyles for the people of the world. Before technology changed everything about finding hairstyles, people were forced to try and remember hairstyles they had stumbled across or spend dollar after dollar on expensive fashion magazines that might not even have anything in them they liked. As much fun as it can be to have a few good fashion mags around, this was a pricey and inefficient way to pick a new hairstyle. Nowadays though, there are a huge number of options out there that are not only free, they’re also easy to use and incredibly comprehensive.

One great example of the new trend of virtual hairstyles is the HairBetty hairstyles catalog, which regular readers will already know plenty about. Since we’ve talked about this at length before, we won’t go too much into it, but a good summary of the catalog is to think of it as a searchable library of hairstyles. Got an idea? Have a color in mind? Looking for a certain celebrity’s style? All it takes is a search term and a few seconds, and you’ll be looking at dozens of hairstyles that fit exactly the idea you have in mind.

A look at the new iPhone HairBetty app!

Beyond the HairBetty catalog, we’ve got a new virtual hairstyles tool we’re super excited about to show you today! This has only been out for a couple of weeks, and it takes the idea of virtual hairstyles to the next level like nothing ever has. We’re talking about HairBetty’s awesome new smartphone app. While the online catalog is a great and powerful tool, you don’t always have time to head to a computer to use it, and on-the-fly hair appointments can often mean that you don’t have access to it when you need it. The virtual hairstyles app changes all of that forever. It brings the same searching power and comprehensive catalog of styles right to your phone, where you can do just about everything you can on the site. Browse through looks, consult with an expert, even save your favorite styles for later reference! We think having access to these pictures of hairstyles anywhere you go is a revolution in the hair industry, and we’re thrilled to bring it to the world.

As technology continues to grow, it only makes sense that the hairstyling industry will be changed for the better. We can only imagine what the next few years will hold, from holographic styles projected right onto your head to ultra-precise styling tools, it’s sure to be an incredible time for the world of hair! And right now, there’s no piece of tech out there more interesting than the virtual hairstyle, especially when you can have thousands o them in your own pocket. HairBetty is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the latest advancements in the hair industry, so bookmark this page and check back regularly as we report on everything hair, from new technology to new looks and everything in between.

Celebrity hairsyles like Zachary Quinto’s are just a few clicks or buttons away!

The Top Women’s Celebrity Hair Styles in the World

A few posts ago, we talked about how HairBetty’s in-depth hairstyle catalog can show you the best celebrity hair in the world and showcased a few of our very favorite celebrity looks. Today, we’re flipping the script and are going to highlight some of your favorite celebrity hair styles ever. Confused? Don’t be! HairBetty’s expert team of researchers and data-sifters have put their skills to use and have found the most popular and searched for women’s celebrity hairstyles in the world right now. We’re hugely proud of these guys, and we’re excited to show off this dynamic list of ladies today here at the blog! Not at all surprisingly, these eight women come from the world of entertainment, specifically music, TV and film.

Sounds Good, Looks Great

This cute curly brunette look is killer on Selena Gomez with sideswept bangs.

To kick off our list, we’ve got Selena Gomez, our youngest star and the owner of an incredible head of hair. Also an actress, Gomez got big from her show on the Disney Channel and used that star power to kick off a hugely successful movie career. In addition to her gorgeous voice and excellent acting chops, Gomez’s deep, almost black brunette hair has been a large part of her popularity over the years. Gomez is not afraid to try out different looks, having been seen sporting everything from blunt bangs on straight hair to a cool, edgy pompadour to the excellent side-braid hairstyle.

Our next star likes her music a little country and her hair a little rock and roll. Carrie Underwood is the name, and we’re guessing you know her from her winning stint on the incredibly popular American Idol reality show. The talented songstress rocketed to fame with her subsequent albums, and her blonde locks have captivated people worldwide. We can’t get enough of her bouncy waves and layers of golden, shiny hair here at the blog, and according to our research, neither can anybody else!

As Seen on TV

Television has never been as good in history as it is right now, and Eva Longoria Parker is

Eva Longoria Parker stuns in just about any hairstyle, but we especially love this updo.

one of the biggest names on the small screen at the moment. Rocking her beautiful chestnut brunette look on her hit show Desperate Housewives, Parker is often seen out at events with excellent formal updos, modern bobs and even left down long, wavy and sexy.

Another youngster with style that belies her age, reality TV star Lauren Conrad is the only other blonde on our list. With a look that’s gone from sandy blonde to shimmering gold throughout the years, Conrad has made a name as a hairstyle trendsetter, especially for fans of her shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. True to the California roots of her shows, Conrad keeps it casual, light and fun with cute braided looks, chic ponytails and gorgeous waves.

The Dr. is in! At least the hair doctor, that is. Kate Walsh rounds out our TV star section with her auburn shoulder-length look. Walsh changes things up between straight and wavy and likes to play with parted bangs in ways we just love. It’s no wonder that this amazing woman started out her career as a model, she’s just that gorgeous.

She might play a doctor on TV, but we think Kate Walsh’s modeling career could have been enough to make her famous with great looks like this one.

The Best Hair on the Silver Screen

Few in the world have the kind of style that movie stars can often pull off, and Jessica Alba is by far one of the most well-put together women in all of film history. Starting off in TV, Alba’s beautiful golden brown hair was simply too much for the small screen, and she soon showed up as a star in films like Sin City. A classy lady, Alba likes to wear her hair long and curly, but she often puts it in a cool updo for her frequent charity events.

When you win an Academy Award, you don’t really need great hair, but it seems that someone has forgotten to tell that to Halle Berry! Without question one of the most talented people to ever star in a film, Halle Berry’s short curly hair has won her almost fans as her acting. Berry isn’t one to play it safe and stick to her charming signature do though- she’s also been known to kill with a straight, flirty pixie and even long white colored hair (such as in X-Men).

A cute bob on a cute lady! Katie Holmes made this look a huge deal in the 90′s, and is still a major fashionista today.

Wrapping up, we leave one of the best and most popular for last in the ultra-famous Katie Holmes. Ms. Holmes has never let the huge amount of interest in her every move keep her from looking incredible all the time, and a big part of that image is her amazing celebrity hairstyle. In fact, Holmes has been a major part of why cuts like the a-frame bob and sideswept bangs have rocked the world in the last few decades.

These eight women are undeniably some of the most fashionable in the world, and according to the research of the crack HairBetty team, they’re also the most popular when it comes to celebrity hairstyles. For more great celebrity looks from these and other stars, make sure to give a few of your favorite names a search on our powerful engine, and see if you can’t find something you’d like to try out for yourself.

New Hair Color Ideas: Pastels, Pastels, Pastels!

Have you seen them? They’re everywhere! Taking over our heads, sometimes in parts, sometimes altogether. Know what we’re talking about? Pastels hair colors, of course! When it comes to hair color ideas, pastels are the hottest thing out there for this year, and we think probably for the next few as well. Pastels can be done all over, in combinations, in small pieces or even in the ultra-hip ombre hairstyle, and for those looking to stand out in a big way, they’re the it colors of right now.

Pastel hair colors are bursting onto the scene in a big way!

This incredibly cool and highly modern trend has its roots in the experimentation of the Japanese Harajuku fashion, something which has been brought to mainstream American through people like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Harajuku fashion made intense and bright hair colors very popular, especially bright pinks, greens and blues. Unlike most Harajuku fashion however, the current pastel fashion takes those super-bright colors and tones them down to tones more like Easter colors.

This pale pastel purple is peachy-keen in our book!

These gorgeous colors include those such as light seafoam greens, pale pinks, faded sky blues (close to robin’s egg blue) and even tints of purple. The idea is to avoid bright, vibrant colors and stick to the pale versions. If you do that, you can pull off this trend in almost any color in the rainbow, excluding, of course, standard natural hair colors.

If pastel colors appeal to you, what you want to think about when deciding how to pull off this trend is how to apply it to your own hair. The all-over dye job is extremely popular right now, especially with pinks and seafoam greens, as can be seen on the popular culture blogging platforms Tumblr and Pinterest. This is a bit extreme for some, however, as it usually requires a complete bleaching of the hair and frequent touch-ups, though done right it can look absolutely stunning.

A slightly less extreme option, though still pretty eye-catching is to go the ombre route. As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, the ombre hairstyle involves a gradual fade from one hair color to another throughout the length of the locks. This works especially well with brunette and blonde hair when using pastels.

Pastels can also look supercool when mixed into another hair color in small pieces.

Here’s an ombre pastel! Double cool.

Dip-dying is a great option when wanting to try this out, which involves taking small pieces of hair and dying them individually in a pastel color by dipping them into the dye. This can be done in a variety of colors for a pastel rainbow effect, in two or three complementing colors or even just on one small piece to create a unique look. Trying a few pieces to begin can also help you decide whether or not you like the pastel trend on your own hair, since it’s not quite so much of a risk.

When it comes to trendy, gorgeous hair coloring trends, there’s nothing out there the HairBetty blog has been more excited about than pastels, and it’s a great time to jump on this trend in its early stages! We think this one will be around for a while, so get an early start on it and head over to the HairBetty search page for pastel hair now!

Spicing Up Your Braided Hair Styles

Scarlett Johansson is one of many celebs to rock the halo braid in recent days.

We told you we would, so let’s get to business and back to braids! A couple days ago we told you a bit about some of HairBetty’s favorite braided hair styles out there right now, but that’s only half the story when it comes to this great look. Once you’ve picked out the braids you want, you don’t have to stop there, but can actually give your plaits a little “oomph” with a few easy and fun ideas. From accessories to wrapping braids to using hair color along with braids, braids these days have tons of options for taking the look to the next level.

Halos and Crowns for Angels and Royalty

You’ve probably seen this great idea for braid hairstyles implemented on everyone from celebrities to the hip people in your town: we’re talking about the braid crown or halo! Essentially, this just means that the braid goes around the top of the head, as opposed to hanging down the back or the side. This can either be done wrapped around the “crown” of the head (thus the “crown” name) or sitting more on top in a smaller ring (the “halo”). You can either do this cool look by taking a braid that would hang down and wrap it around the head, pinning it in place, or you can actually braid the hair at the top of the head into a crown if it’s long enough and you have the plaiting skills. This second look is especially cool because you can keep the hair in the back hanging down gracefully, which perfectly complements the crown or halo braid.

Braid Accessories? Oh Yes!

It might not be the first thing you think of when you envision new braids for yourself, but

A few flowers go a long way!

adding a few accessories to your braids has become a hugely popular and super-chic idea that we seriously love. The most classic of these are flowers, which are especially seen combined with the halo or crown braid for a cool boho look. The tension of braids provide a perfect grip to casually put a few blooms into, which looks especially good at the top or bottom of the braids. You can also actually braid flowers into the hair, if they have a long enough stem! Of course, if you’d rather have something you can re-use, high-quality faux flowers are a great option. In a related vein, we’ve even seen some gorgeous, leafy ivy and other plants woven into braids. Just get creative, and make sure whatever plant you use is in tip-top shape.

Other than plant-based accessories, you’ve got a huge number of options out their for spicing up the look of your braids. Vintage jewelry pieces, especially pins, broaches and clips look absolutely stunning when used in conjunction with the right braid. If you’ve got some old designer pieces sitting around, especially those from the 80′s and 60′s, try them out with a braid and see what cool combos you can come up with. Another cool idea we’ve seen in some of the hippie-influenced fashion out there is to braid in feathers or feather hair extensions with braids, giving a bit of a Pocahontas look.

Dye Those Braids

If we had to pick one trend for sprucing up braids that we like the most at HairBetty, it would hands-down be combining great hair color jobs with great braid looks. Especially cool with braided hairstyles like the fishtail, what’s so cool about this idea is that you can

A combo fishtail braid/pastel hair color is the latest word in cool.

use techniques like dip-dying, single piece dying or even an ombre combined with braids for incredibly unique looks. Dip-dyes and single piece dying can even show off the complexity of a braid by allowing the eye to follow each piece of hair as it weaves in and out of the braid. We especially like this look when a non-natural color, such as pastels or bright blues or sea green, is combined with natural colors such as blonde or brunette hair.

And there are our suggestions for making your plaits look great, unique and stylish! Next time you’ve got the hankering to braid up your hair, give one of these a try, and HairBetty guarantees you’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

Find the Best Hairstyle Pictures with the World’s Premier Hairstyles Catalog

Those of you who have been following the blog from the first post will remember us telling you about how HairBetty can show you hairstyle pictures like no other website out there. What we were talking about is HairBetty’s hairstyles catalog, one of the most powerful tools ever created for finding new looks and keep up with what the world is doing with their hair. We’ve told you in other posts how to use our catalog to find specific things, but today we’re going to look a little bit more into what exactly the hairstyle catalog and finder is and what you can do with it.

Bobs are just one of the many styles the HairBetty catalog can show you.

First of all, you might not realize it when using or browsing through the hairstyle catalog, but a great amount of research and work go into building such a thing. Setting aside the countless hours of coding and programming to even build a search engine, the collection and updating of the hairstyles of the world is a process that requires teams of experts working constantly to make sure they catalog every style out there. That’s what we here at HairBetty have assembled: a crack team of experts that is not only chock full of experienced stylists and fashion experts, but is also out there in the world every day collecting styles for you to browse through.

These thousands and thousands of styles are then analyzed intensely according to their

HairBetty is ideal for both men and women looking for a new cut!

current-ness, their longevity, who they will work for and who has been wearing them, among other things. This process ensures that the cuts and styles we bring you at the site are not only the hottest at this exact moment, like the ombre, but also include classic looks that never go out of style, like the immortal pixie and bob haircuts. It also makes sure that when you look for something new, we’ve got it categorized so it is easy to find with a simple search. On top of that, our experts being out in the field daily as well as paying close attention to trends on the web means that the HairBetty catalog is constantly being updated, so each time you come to the site you’re likely to find a new look.

And that brings us to the best and most important part of the HairBetty catalog: using it! All it takes to find the most spectacular hairstyles out there is a compute, curiosity and a few minutes, and you can find just about every hairstyle in existence. There are two primary ways to use the hair styles catalog: by searching for a term or by browsing randomly. The search function is the easiest way to find exactly the hair you want on the entire web- just type in the length, style, color or idea you have in mind and hit enter! Within seconds, HairBetty will consult its immense databases and the powerful search engine will compile a large set of photos that show you variations on what you’re looking for. For instance, try a search for “red hair” or “bob,” and you’ll find dozens of results that show you exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re not quire sure yet what you’re interested in, no problem! The HairBetty homepage is full of examples of some of the most popular and most searched-for hairstyles, looks and colors on the web right now. We keep up with what people are searching for every day, and we adjust our site accordingly. That means that you can simply browse randomly and see all the best looks that are hot right now with no problem!

From the simple and easy to complex high-fashion dos, all styles are searchable with the HairBetty engine.

Using the hairstyles catalog’s search and browse features, we think you’ll have the best chance to find a hairstyle you like of anyone in the world. Don’t believe us? Spend a few minutes looking through the pictures of hairstyles, and we know you’ll find something you can’t wait to try on your own hair. Give it a whirl, and see what a difference the right hairstyle finder can make in your life. We think you’ll be happily surprised.