Free Hairstyle Catalogue For Salon & Hairstylists

As a salon owner or stylist, you know how important it is to get your clients exactly what they're looking for. The last thing you want is for your clients to leave disappointed, but it's ever so easy for something to become lost in translation when a person attempts to convey the image they have in their head of what they'd like you to do. This can result in not only upset clients, but possibly even losing business permanently, and it's not because of any lack of skill on your part. Photographs are a step in the right direction, but these can often be just part of what a client is looking for, or they can be difficult to work from. So how do you solve this important problem? Well, we've worked hard and have created what we think is the perfect answer: HairBetty for salons and hair stylists.

HairBetty is a website that is all about finding that new cut that your clients will be crazy for. The site features the web's most extensive set of tools and databases, all of which are designed to help your clients find a new hairstyle in a variety of ways. We aim to do away with those easily outdated and overused catalogues, scrapbooks and magazines that clutter up your salon, and our processes do this by bringing your clients everything you can get from such publications and a whole lot more.

Our first extremely useful tool for finding new hairstyles is our large, searchable and massively updated archive of all the hairstyles our hardworking staff of experts can find. We employ some of the most knowledgeable, fashion forward and perceptive hair experts we can find from all over, and they've built us a database with hundreds of different looks that's easily searched though. When your clients say they're looking for something "short" or "current," just send them to this database with the keywords they're looking for, and they have only to type them in.

On top of our database, we also feature the ability to see what other hairstyles people from all over the world are searching for this year. This allows you to keep your thumb on the world of fashion in a way not previously possible, and it's a marvelous thing for any fashionista or style maven to have on their side.

Finally, your clients will have the option to send us their photos, which we'll pass along to our expert analysts, who will then provide personalized ideas and suggestions for your clients' hair. The personal touch of an expert with our substantial and comprehensive library of photos at their disposal means your clients will have a much better chance at finding the perfect hairstyle every time.

This service is the best tool you can give your clients to not only find a variety of looks to choose from, but also for them to bring in to your salon. Whether they print out the photos from the site, use their mobile devices to show you the look they love on a browser or with our free app, or you use your own computers to let your clients dig through our databases, HairBetty for salons and hair stylists is your new best tool for ensuring the continuing happiness and patronage of your clientele.

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