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Now you can search for hairstyles from anywhere at anytime using our mobile app. You can also bookmark and save your favorite hairstyle photo and bring it in for your hairstylist to know exactly how you want your hair leaving no room for mis-communication. Need ideas or advice? The mobile app allow you to take a photo with the phone camera and upload it to out team of experts to give you recommendations and ideas. The app can also replaced those outdated hair catalogs and allow salon and hairstylists to get the most up to date trends and styles to show their clients.

You've just found the very best place to discover ideas for haircuts anywhere online or off. is all about putting the best tools to find new hairstyles and haircuts ideas into your hands, meaning your search for the next great look is only a few clicks (or touch) away at all times.

HairBetty's unique and comprehensive approach to bringing all the best styles of cuts, from classic to brand new, directly to you comes in a variety of ways in order to maximize the chances that you'll stumble across the look you've just got to have in no time flat.

Start out with a trip through our massive archives of style photos, which cover every color, length and occasion. Search for something specific, or just browse randomly and let the universe bring your next cut to you! We make it our business to keep up to date, high-quality photos of every style we come across, and we've created a database that is the most cutting-edge and all encompassing anywhere, covering nearly every variation possible.

Interested in what's big at the moment? HairBetty has an incredible service that allows you to see the most popular hairstyle searches, so you'll always know what's hot right away. You can even search our thousands upon thousands of recorded queries for specific looks: type in, say, "short haircuts for men," or "2012 women's haircuts" and you'll get a list of results tailor-made for your exact needs.

And if you still can't find a hairstyle that screams out for you to try it, it's no problem! Just send us your photo, and the HairBetty team of handpicked experts will analyze your hair and send you ideas and advice for a ton of new looks and styles. Our crew is made of highly trained experts that have worked in the industry for years and know hair in and out. These guys are true hair magicians, and they're always out in the world finding new looks and keeping up with every new trend. The HairBetty style experts will work with you until they've found you a whole set of new looks that you're excited to try out.

So when you visit, you're getting the best resources for new hairstyles that you'll find anywhere: You've got the biggest, best hairstyle archives anywhere at your fingertips, ready to be explored. You've got a high-tech, cutting edge window into what styles and looks the whole world is talking about, and it's customizable to bring you results that will allow you to create your specific vision to a tee. You've got an unmatchable team of massively experienced professionals whose mission is to bring personal results and advice to every individual seeking to up their hair game.

Between all of that, and your own imagination, a new style that will blow minds and turns heads all over town is so easy to find, you'll be at your favorite salon with a whole stack of new possibilities in hours. is the world's hairstyle resource, and we can't wait to show you the styles we've found for, just for you.

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